Inverters and Inverter Batteries

Home & Office Inverters, UPS and Inverter/UPS Batteries

Our modern day life and work is highly dependent on appliances running on electrical power, but we are not assured of uninterrupted electric supply yet. Uninterrupted power source (UPS) or power inverters help us carry on without hindrance in case of electricity outage. Know how inverters work.

We offer a range of UPS and power inverters with special inverter batteries for running fans, lights and other electric appliances in the event of power outage. Our wide range of inverters and UPS coupled with heavy duty inverter batteries can be customized to power backup requirements of your home and office. We can also install the inverter systems and inverter batteries at your home/office as required.

We are authorized dealers for Exide, Amaron and Livguard Inverter and UPS Batteries.

Contact us with your requirements and we will provide a suitable solution for your power backup needs. You can reach on Phone at 0172 2737453 or Whatsapp us on +91 94786 76755