Vehicle Accessories & Tools

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Vehicle Accessories and Tools

United Auto Centre offers a range of modern Vehicle Accessories and Tools for everyday maintenance and emergency repair for Vehicles. There are number of periodic maintenance tasks which vehicle owners can undertake themselves easily if they have proper tools. The range of tools include assortment of tool kits, portable tyre inflators, puncture kits, battery chargers, hydraulic jacks et al.

Every car deserves a nice garage, and every garage deserves good tools and supplies. If you plan on working on your car at home, here’s everything you’ll need to get started. You can shop for do-it-yourself tools and other accessories at our Online Shop. Products will be delivered at your doorstep.

Apart from that we offer emergency tools which can save you a lot of trouble if you ever have a vehicle breakdown on road. These include portable tyre inflators, Jumper cables and Tubless puncture kits. You don’t have to wait for the roadside assistance if you have these in your car.

We stock well known brands like myTVS, Minda, Hella et al.

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