How to Jump Start a Car?

by | Aug 14, 2022 | Batteries, Car Maintenance, Driving

Many a times we get stuck when the vehicle battery dies unexpectedly. There could be several reasons like battery has run out of its usual life, or perhaps we forgot to switch off the headlights when we parked or using car electrical appliances like stereo and fan while the car is parked (engine not running). Whatever the reason maybe, you can quickly jump start your car using the battery of another car. All you need to have is a good set of Jump Cables.

Given below are 6 steps which will put you back on road in no time. Follow these steps to get your car running again:
Jump Starting Car Step 1

Step 1

Drive the good car up to your car so that the car batteries are as close as possible.


Car Jump Start Step 2

Step 2

Attach the red ‘Positive’ cable to the Good Car battery terminal, then attach the other red ‘Positive’ cable to your car battery terminal. Positive to Positive.


Car Jump Start Step 3

Step 3

Attach the black ‘Negative’ cable to the Good Car battery terminal, then attach the other back ‘Negative’ cable to your car Battery terminal. Negative to Negative.


Car Jumpt Start Step 4

Step 4

Start the Good Car first, Wait for 2 minutes, then start your car. Your car should start normally, wait for 2 minutes.


Step 5

Remove the cables in the REVERSE order they were attached.

Let your car run for 3-5 minutes before you hit the road. In case, the car fails to crank or start in step 4, then probably its not the car battery that is the issue. Check if there is enough fuel in your car. If yes, then it could be something to with the starter or engine.

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